“Sound check” Ep by Keeny Ice goes out in few days – this is what to expect.

Ghanaian musician Keeny Ice is expected to release his second extended play, “Sound check” in the days to come and in this short article, we bring to you highlights of what to expect. Our article is based on the fact that we’ve been able to trace his discography, media, audience, interactivity and his body language leading to the big day.

Early last year, the rapper presented to the world his debut Ep, “Border vibes” chronicling his rise as an artiste from the slums of Aflao; the biggest border town in Ghana, the highs and lows leading to his first record deal which span for two years and the journey into this chapter of his career. He also touched on perceptions leading to the marginalization of his native language, Ewe in Ghana and how he has been able to draw the masses attention to his music against the odds.

“Sound check” Ep represents a different stage in Keeny Ice’s career after teasing the fans with “Yekoema” in November last year previewing what he can do as an artiste who is not boxed into one space as a rapper. More of such creativity is expected as the days beckons.

Another expectation is the theme and substantial issues he is likely to touch on. As a storyteller and artist, Keeny Ice has always painted the atmosphere of  love,eagerness, motivation and togetherness. In recent times, we have seen more intimacy between him and the fans with the introduction of “HangOut with Keeny Ice” in various cities that has been successful including the discovery of a teen-talent, Vincent whose school fees and stationaries will be absorbed for one year by KICA Foundation by Keeny Ice and Schools Support Project .

One key thing that runs through his posts on social media these days is conquering his fears, doing the impossible and creating music for a larger audience. With this at the back of our mind, we are  anticipating styles not typical of  Keeny Ice as a deliberate attempt to conquer the world. 

In a short documentary released by his management company, ABM Global  last week, the musician touched on reviving souls among other things as a major focus for the project.

Watch the documentary and be on the lookout for “Sound check” Ep before the month ends. Connect with him via KeenyIce.com and social media

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Twitter/Instagram/TikTok: @KeenyIce

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